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Oushu Database

Oushu database is a cloud native data warehouse. It is blazing fast and adopts an innovative architecture. And it can scale to thousands of nodes.

Oushu database follows ANSI-SQL standards and it is compatible with Oracle, Greenplum database and PostgreSQL. OushuDB provides the users and tools to confidently and successfully interact with petabyte data sets. OushuDB has been used extensively by hundreds of enterprise users, including VMware, China Construction Bank, Chine Mobile et al.

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  • Brand new executor, 5-10 times faster, key feature of Oushu database 3.x
  • On-premise or cloud deployment
  • Robust ANSI SQL compliance: SQL-92, SQL-99, SQL-2003, OLAP extension
  • Many times faster than traditional MPP databases and Hadoop SQL engines
  • World-class parallel optimizer
  • Full transaction capability and consistency guarantee: ACID
  • Dynamic data flow engine through high speed UDP based interconnect
  • Support PostGIS, the capability of store and querying spatial objects
  • Multiple compression method support: zlib, zstd, snappy, gzip, lz4, RLE
  • Multi-language user defined function support: python, perl, java, c/c++ and R
  • Dynamic node expansion: in seconds
  • Advanced machine learning and data mining functionalities through MADLib
  • New pluggable external framework, easy to add new data sources, for example, HBase et al.
  • Support popular third party tools: Tableau, SAS et al.
  • Seamless integration with the Hadoop ecosystem
  • Support ORC format. combined with new executor, 10-50 faster than old external storage